Wurking on a lurker

For now we’re working on getting one of the things that lurks in the house just as horrifying as we want, and so far we’re going in the right direction. As we will not disclose or post any screenshots of the final draft as that would spoil A LOT, here’s a screenshot of it in early development.

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Making it playable

So this far we’ve put a lot of effort into the visuals of ‘Little Nightmares’, and we’re really happy with the outcome. However, a friend is coming over this weekend to test the game just to give us some feedback (since we barely get any from online sources), and we therefor need to put a few days of focus on the mechanics and functionality of our game. It’s a lot of fun, and somewhat tricky. I mean, have you tried figuring out what a schizophrenic kid should have to do in order to be able to unlock a door, or progress to the next area? It’s hard! BUT, we’re getting there, and I have to say that it looks neat.

Thank you for reading! We’ll post another update this weekend, and maybe even a small gameplay/reaction video of our friend trying not to cry.

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We’re on youtube!

So we recorded a few videos of our newly finished living room and some smooth movement/gameplay mechanics, however, it would seem that the quality of the gifs that we turned them into are horrible, so we decided to upload the actual videos to youtube instead.

You can see them here:

Our Lizard ‘Rango’ made it into the game!

So for a few days we’ve been working hard on the living room to get the right feel to it, and we both feel very proud and happy with the outcome. Paintings was a hard part of it, so we decided to take a picture of our pet Lizard, ‘Rango’, who turned out to be an awesome model!

Screenshots put up here and on http://imgur.com/a/w0XnA

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So we’ve been hard at work for a couple of days, getting our flashlight to work as we wanted and also making like 30+ new models for our next area – The living room. You are now also able to try out your mothers medicine, and enjoy the effects of it.

We’ve also played around a little, trying to avoid the things that lurks in the house. It’s fun. And horrifying. Here are three preview-screenshots, more coming in the next few days! http://imgur.com/a/YG4dr