About –

‘Little Nightmares’ is a horror game played as a schizophrenic eight year old kid named Jacob. The game is set in Jacobs home, where you need puzzle-solving skills and nerves of steel in order to progress through the seemingly big building.

There are things lurking in the house.  Things that only a kids imagination could ever dream up, only, for Jacob they’re true, and can physically hurt him. Hide. Run. Hide. Run. Be quiet. They’ll hear you.

What we want to give you – The players

We want to give you want other horror games failed to give – An immersive experience that terrifies you to the soul while still maintaining smooth gameplay mechanics in an amazing setting.

These are our core focuses –

  • Visuals – Of course, graphics are a big focus for us. We’re trying to balance the scales between beautiful and still maintaining 60 FPS or more. At the moment, A LOT more.
  • Smooth mechanics – We don’t want you to have any issues jumping up a three inch curb. Your character slides smoothly under the bed when you need to hide, it’s easy to sprint, manipulate objects etc. This add to immersiveness very well, we’ve found.
  • Interactivity – We want you to be able to interact with almost every single object that you normally could. See those pills over there? Mom always told you not to eat them. Mom’s not around right now.
  • Horrific – Of course, the core value of any horror game – We want to scare you shitless. In order to do this we are using amazing sound effects, stunning visuals, immersiveness, smooth gameplay and most of all; The imagination of a kid. Add schizophrenia to this, and you’ll have a mix of features made to give your very soul chills.

Anyways – This is our devblog, and we are doing our best to update it at least weekly with stuff we’ve made, how we feel about them, screenshots, videos, gifs etc. Also, follow us on Twitter for more frequent (but smaller) updates: https://twitter.com/RoboEdDevs

Thank you for visiting our devblog,

Regards – Eddie and Robin


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