Models, models, and… Shadows!

We’re really happy with the new shadows, and we’re now moving on to modeling all the furniture and layouts of the next part of the game, where it gets real intense – The living room..

My devpal will take a few days to model the first thing that lurks in the house, and I’ll start massmaking high quality models for the living room. The couch is somewhat done for now. I’ll make an additional update featuring how the shadows turned out in short.


We. Are. Swamped.

Sorry about the delay in posts, we’ve been swamped. This has been done in the last few days –

  • Over 20 new beautiful models
  • Inventory, matches and interactive items added, such as candles
  • Shadows! Shadows! Realistic shadows without any noticeable FPS-drop! still running 60 FPS and much more.
  • Check out these screenshots for a short preview, more within two days!

Hard at work!


We’ve been hard at work for a few days now, making a lot of models and playing around with the gameplay mechanics. We’ve managed to get the mechanics as smooth as we wanted, and we’re really happy with the results.

We’ll post a few gifs and screenshots later tonight!

Hello and welcome!

So, we’ve finally decided to open up a developers blogg where people can track our progress and find most of our screenshots and videos etc (these will come, I swear).

Currently my devpal is at work, so I’ll have to wait a few hours before we can add anything to the game just yet, but I’ll try to summarise how far we’ve come and what the vision of the game is.

We want to create a horror game with a different perspective. Remember when you were 5-7 years old and your imagination could play all sorts of tricks on you, creating terrifying scenarios out of a shadow? Well, we want to do the imagination part for you (since you’re old and dull now). You play as a 5-7 year old kid who live in a home with his parents. You’re somewhat neglected and therefor your part of the house, your toys, are quite worn out and not really up to date while the “adult stuff” is semi-rich. Oh, and there is something lurking in the house. You’d have to play it to find out though, we wont spoil anything here.

The game will also feature a really interactive environment with a grungy feel to it. You’re seven years old, didn’t you wonder what scotch tasted like?

Apart from interactivity and a high focus on visuals, we’ve also decided to add quite a few puzzles to the game. You need to complete a few tasks in order to progress to the next area of the game. For instance, in order to leave your room (where you initially start), you’d have to find, say a drawing of the thing lurking in your house. Only then will the door unlock and you’d be able to get scared shitless in the next part of the game.

So, what are we going for?

  • Visuals – We want the graphics to be great, but not too demanding on your PC.
  • Interactive Environment – See that bottle of pills? Well you better have a taste, could be candy!
  • Puzzles – We want you to think while being scared. Simple as that.
  • Smooth gameplay mechanics – Nearly all horror games seem so stiff, we want it to be easy to slide under a bed, open a closet and such.

So far, we’ve managed to add all of these elements into the game to some degree, and we are working on it almost every day!

We are using Unity and Blender, along with some other programs for sound-editing and texturing. More information and screenshots will be posted later today and hopefully quite a lot this weekend!

Thank you for reading!