Making it playable

So this far we’ve put a lot of effort into the visuals of ‘Little Nightmares’, and we’re really happy with the outcome. However, a friend is coming over this weekend to test the game just to give us some feedback (since we barely get any from online sources), and we therefor need to put a few days of focus on the mechanics and functionality of our game. It’s a lot of fun, and somewhat tricky. I mean, have you tried figuring out what a schizophrenic kid should have to do in order to be able to unlock a door, or progress to the next area? It’s hard! BUT, we’re getting there, and I have to say that it looks neat.

Thank you for reading! We’ll post another update this weekend, and maybe even a small gameplay/reaction video of our friend trying not to cry.

Also, check us out on twitter!


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